We offer you the opportunity to cooperate in advertising.In addition to the following options advertising on the site,
there is the possibility of signing contract with media houses around the world.

1. Billboard - the largest and the most prestigious form of advertising. Very well displayed on the homepage, on its upper part.
Dimensions: 800x150 pixels.

2. Skyscraper - a vertical rectangular form of advertising for the size of 120x240 pixels. Skyscraper provides a lot of space for
creative marketing message. According to science research is one of the most effective forms of advertising on the Internet.
Allows publication of the links, great pictures and impressive animation.

3. Brandmark - displayed above content the page you are viewing, in any of its place. It has buttons to maximize, minimize and close
animation. Through to interesting and attractive appearance is often used in online advertising campaigns. Brandmark is close to popup
in principle of action, but has a much richer creative possibilities. Effective action advertising technology owes Macromedia Flash,
JavaScript, and the mechanism of layers a web browser.
Must contain not clickable graphical bar with buttons for the closure of the "X", minimizing and the button to return to their
original form. Brandmark is used most often to present a fast, periodic offers, promotions, etc. It has an aggressive nature - does not
remain unnoticed. Very good results provides Brandmark & Billboard combination in a short period of time.

4. Button - a graphical advertisement, mostly in the form of a rectangle that is placed in the right and left side. Visible
on the homepage. Clicking on the banner automatically moves to the page advertises the company and is also recorded in the statistics.

5. Roll-up - after clicking unroll to the size of 800x300 pixels.

6. Sponsored article - on the portal pages you will be able to post articles thematically linked to the profile of the portal.
In addition to the text itself may also be reposted some photographs, graphics or videos. To public of material is sufficient
to send the text to the editors. It will be visible on the homepage, and then in the database of articles (archive).
This type of promotional activity is beneficial to building a professional image of the company, which apparently involved in the industry.

7. Product of the month - an advertisement that allows the presentation of the chosen product on the pages of the portal.
Text characterized the product may contain e.g. product description, technical data. It is also possible to public the images and insert
the product documentation for download as a PDF or Word file. The advertisement gives big opportunity to present the product.

8. Positioning in the database display an advertisement in the first place when any question is addressed to the database companies.
The entry may also be highlighted. Data of the other companies will be displayed in alphabetical order, in defined graphical version.
 With the first place on the list and highlighted color the entry becomes much more visible and memorable to the reader, which is usually
interested in the 2-3 best ranked companies.

9. Full Layer – advertisement running in the entire browser window, hiding the content of the site. Up to 5 seconds the advertisement
is automatically closed and user can see the portal. It can appear on the home page or pages. The largest form of advertising that
allows the inclusion of a large amount of content or visually attractive graphics. It promotes increased brand awareness.

10. Scroll the bottom - the form of advertising bar that is placed at the bottom of the portal. It moves along with the webpage.
Clicking the advertisemenr automatically moves to the advertised site. Scroll the bottom is one of the most original forms of advertising.
With non-typical arrangement gives rise to great interest in readers, without disturbing them during reading of texts on the site.

11. Watermark - graphical advertisement placed as a background page. An interesting way to promote is to put your logo in the background
of the sponsor. This causes involuntary remembering the mark by users. By entering the site users have continuous contact with the
advertising appearing in the background reading of the text, which guarantees its high effectiveness. Clicking on the Watermark will
not automatically move to the advertised site. It is used most often along with other types of advertising.