Partner's son is a instructer from Dubai and we decided to scuba at the outfit next to Ushaka in Durban. wind was blowing but they had open water divers doing their classification dives. so we kitted up. the DM never went through the hand signals with them and main checks on their kit. We got round the bluff and it was pumping. We would have dived but for the trainees. So they decided to come back. They tried it again 2 hrs later, same story so they took the recruits to a freshwater dam in the area to qualify that weekend. Totally frustrated, i chickened out of the next days dive but my partner and son went along. What a shambles he saw getting kit and nitrox. Same thing happened 3 wasted launches, luckily they did not charge.

They then went to Aliwal shore where they did 2 decent dives and the service and professionalism was very clear to see. Ushaka crowd jack your game up. It would seem you are only after the money and not the experience.

Published about 1 year ago

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