Planning a Move to Littleton Colorado

Right now I live in North Carolina but I’m planning to move halfway across the country to Colorado. It’s going to be a major change for me, I know!

Specifically, I’m going to be moving to Littleton. It’s a smaller city than I live in now, so that will take some getting used to. But it’s not a tiny little place; I’m sure I will find enough to do there. Once I make some friends and find my favorite grocery store, it’ll feel just like home.

The weather is going to be different too. In North Carolina I’m used to short, mild winters and long, hot, humid summers with lots of thunderstorms. Littleton is a lot colder in the winter. I’ll probably need to buy some new clothes to account for the change in climate. I’ll have to get used to lots of snow.

On the plus side, though, the summers won’t get as hot. The extreme heat during the middle of summer has been one of the things I never liked about North Carolina. I won’t be upset to be moving away from that.

And the snow should bring with it lots of opportunities for winter sports. I’m very much an outdoors type of person, and I’m looking forward to being close to skiing, snow tubing, and winter hiking trails. I might even try doing some all-season camping if I’m looking for an adventure.

I am also looking forward to checking out the Littleton Living History Museum. It sounds dorky, I know, but I have always enjoyed immersing myself in another time. There aren’t many opportunities for me to do that, so living so close to a living history museum like that will be a real treat for me. It’s a different era than the other museums of its type that I’ve visited before, too, so it will be a totally new experience.

I don’t have kids now, but part of the reason for me choosing Littleton as my next home is that I want to have some eventually. Littleton is supposed to be a great place to have a family. It’s safe, it’s neighborly, and there are lots of things for kids to do.

Of course, if I want to raise a family in Littleton, I’m going to need a partner to have kids with. I hope there’s as much of a dating scene in Littleton as there is a family one!